Spring 2013 Seminar
Date: February 14, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Location: 4401 Gates and Hillman Centers
Speaker: Rayid Ghani Chief Scientist, Obama for America 2012
Title: The Role of Data, Technology, and Analytics in the Presidential Elections
Abstract: Description: If you're still recovering from the barrage of ads, news, emails, facebook posts, and newspaper articles that were giving you the latest poll numbers, asking you to volunteer, donate money, and vote, this talk will give you a look behind the scenes on why you were seeing what you were seeing. I will talk about how the Obama Campaign used analytics to improve decision making in virtually every function within the organization and describe how data from a variety of sources was used to improve fundraising, volunteer activities, and voter contacts. We will cover what kind of data was available to the campaign, what technologies were developed and/or used, and how the resulting products were adopted by the campaign in order to help win the presidential elections. Although the focus will be on the elections and politics, we'll also talk about lessons learned during the campaign and how some of the same techniques can be used by other organizations to make them more successful through smarter use of data and analytics.