Content-type: text/html ML/Google Distinguished Lecture Series-Machine Learning Department - Carnegie Mellon University

ML/Google Distinguished Lecture Series-Machine Learning Department - Carnegie Mellon University

Machine Learning Special Seminars

Apr 25, 2017 Super-Human AI for Strategic Reasoning: Beating Top Pros in Heads-Up No-Limit Texas HoldÂ’em - Tuomas Sandholm
Apr 20, 2017 Combining Statistics and Semantics to Turn Data into Knowledge - Lise Getoor,
Apr 11, 2017 Striving towards precision medicine: the machine learning approach - Anna Goldenberg
Mar 31, 2017 Second-order Optimization for Machine Learning in Linear Time - Elad Hazan , Professor, Princeton University
Mar 21, 2017 Human decisions and machine predictions - Jure Leskovec,
Mar 03, 2017 Ethical AI - Francesca Rossi, Professor, University of Padova
Feb 07, 2017 Shrinkage Estimation in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces - Bharath Sriperumbudur, Assistant Professor, Penn State
Jan 24, 2017 Health as a Timeline: Machine Learning to Characterize, Predict, and Intervene - Jeremy Weiss, Assistant Professor, Heinz College
Dec 12, 2016 Optimal Bayesian Analysis of A/B Tests at Big-Data Scale - David Draper, Professor, Baskin School of Engineering, University of California-Santa Cruz
Nov 15, 2016 Stochastic linear bandits - Csaba Szepesvari, Professor, University of Alberta, Computing Science Department
Oct 27, 2016 In-Q-Tel: accelerating innovation at the intersection of startups, government and venture capital - Aaron Sisto, In-Q-Tel
Oct 25, 2016 Bayesian Optimization and Embedded Learning Systems - Jeff Schneider, Research Professor, Robotics Institute
Oct 18, 2016 Tackling Anomaly Mining Problems in the Wild with Networks and Beyond - Leman Akoglu, Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Oct 04, 2016 Structured Prediction and Deep Learning - Andrew McCallum, Professor and Director of the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory
Sep 26, 2016 A Permutation-based Model for Crowdsourcing: Optimal Estimation and Robustness - Nihar Shah, PhD Candidate EECS Dept. - Univ. of Berkeley
Sep 13, 2016 Kernel Adaptive Hamiltonian Monte Carlo using the Infinite Exponential Family - Arthur Gretton, Associate Professor